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Integrated Marketing Communication

Is your customer able to put the company's advertising, marketing communications and public relations messages in a single story? Are all messages integrated into their minds as one puzzle pieces? Are they ready to buy your product / service without any doubt?
If the seed of doubt enters your mind, it is probably worth considering how effectively you are using a public relations and marketing resources to achieve the desired result.
You can not rely entirely on the product in order to increase consumer confidence. It is essential to maintain communication and dialogue, between the company and the consumer.
We offer the following integrated marketing communications plan or set of activities to successfully build relationships between your company and your customers.
Using integrated marketing communication techniques, the company integrates all communication processes in order to achieve a clear, coherent, complete message of the company and its products.

This approach is much more efficient and cost effective.

  • Additional offer – Lecture “Active customer service and sales secrets”

Acquiring and compiling the world’s best selling masters’ experience, we have developed the course “Active customer service”, which reveals the psychological interaction of art and practical aspects of understanding the dissatisfied customer thinking. Practical lessons and exercises are fully prepared individually, taking into account the nature of enterprise and needs.

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