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Talented mindset secrets

We offer training seminars “Talented mindset secrets” that provide new knowledge about the new talent mindset principles. During the seminar we will be able to learn about the latest research in this field, with specific techniques to develop and build a talented thinking.

With education are not satisfied both the teachers and the students. But what exactly is a problem of that? Reforms in the world is reduced to wages, hours sharing and the good old subject content correction and the number of educational institutions. This has been going on for more than a century, but the result is quite satisfactory. Often referred to prestigious institutions lists, but about the level of education complains those who learn and teach at the very prestigious schools and universities.
Reform occur but there is no result, then the reasons must be sought somewhere else. 

What is required of people today and in the future based? Real ability to build our future in another new level. The ability to think for themselves, despite the advertising, propaganda and "authoritative" statements, the ability to quickly and firmly deal with any, even very difficult problems, courageous thinking. This is true creativity.

Research in this area began in 20Century  40th years. Today it is a science that reveals the secrets of talent mindset - TRIZ (Theory of invention problem solving). This science is taught in many developed countries - universities, schools and even kindergartens. Global firms such as Samsung, LG Electronics, Proctor and Gamble, General Electric, Intel and many other have  TRIZ as a large research department and the demand for professionals is steadily increasing.

TRIZ elements and techniques acquire separate academics, young researchers and students also in Latvia.

After listening to a seminar, you will build knowledge of the talented ways of thinking, the skills to use these same techniques.

Brave, talented people are the future!

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